FMV (Fandom Music Video) Contest!

Are you super proud of an AMV that you’ve made, or a GMV or how about a cool music video with any fandom? Did you ever want to make one? Well now is your chance!   Con-G: Geeks@Home 2022 is proudly hosting an FMV contest this year! We will also be running the showcase if you’d like to share your work but not compete it or you want to submit multiple FMVs.

The contest will be live streamed on Friday February 18th at 7:00 PM EST on Twitch and available to watch all weekend long on our YouTube after it airs.

FMV registration is open now and will be open until February 6th, 2022 at 12:00 am (midnight) EST. 

Entry forms can be found ** Here. **

The cost to enter is $5 for the Contest (the showcase is free to enter).

An email will be sent with payment information after we receive your entry. This will go towards mailing prizes to the winners and the remainder will be given as a donation to CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) National.

General FMV Rules

  1. No nudity or inappropriate material or references. Videos should by kept at PG-13.
  2. Con-G reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition at their discretion, so stick to the rules.
  3. The FMV contest is only open to Canadian residents (sorry international folks! Prizes will only be shipped within Canada.)


  1. Max 2 entries per contestant please. Entrants are welcome to provide additional FMVs for our showcase.
  2. FMVs must be created by the entrant
  3. There will be two divisions (Professional and Amateur).
  4. Time limit is 6 minutes. If your video has a valid reason for needing more time, please let us know.
  5. We are calling it an FMV contest (Fandom Music Video). Anything can be used for the video footage if you think it’s appropriate (anime, video games, TV shows, movies, cosplay, etc).
  6. Feel free to have a creator logo/into/ending to your video but don’t make it too long.


  1. Creators may use any codec or file format they deem appropriate or necessary, provided that it will play on YouTube. If it will not play, we will contact you, if it cannot be resolved – you will be disqualified. Preferred format is .avi.
  2. Please make your video as high-resolution as possible with proper compression.
  3. Use the higher-quality audio if possible.
  4. Videos can be submitted via Google drive or other file storage or a YouTube link.

We are proud to announce a brand new contest for this year!!

“Memories of Con-G” Video Contest

Create a video that reminds/inspires/shows etc that reminds you about why you love Con-G! Funny, serious, live footage, promos or AMVs – we’d love to see it all.

We have over the years been blown away with the video coverage of Con-G so we wanted to recognize those people and maybe inspire more. Whats better than watching a video to remind you about something you’ve had fun doing, right?

Ok the stuff you want to know!
GRAND PRIZE IS $100 CASH (yes that is one hundred dollars to be given to the winner at Con-G)
We will have 2 runner up spots that will win a free Con-G t-shirt.

Video must be under 4 minutes (any length under is great – a great skit or amv can be 30 seconds)
Due date to submit your entry is FEBRUARY 15th, 2014 (upload it somewhere online and give us the link)

Winners will be announced FEBRUARY 17th, 2014
The winning video, runner up and selected videos will be shown at Con-G!

And because we’re a silly bunch here at Con-G we decided to do a video to give as an example :)

The Con-G Mysterious Ticking Noise