Con-G – Geeks@Home will be a free online convention running from February 19th, 2021 to February 21st, 2021 across our social media platforms, (facebook, youtube, twitter, twitch, instagram, discord). A weekend convention filled with standard convention stuff like a masquerade, panels, dealers room and other events….just online from the comfort of your home.

Con-G – Geeks@Home is an anime and geek culture convention. Some events will be live-streamed and put up to watch later, some will be prerecorded videos, some events will need attendee participation (that’s you!), but most importantly lets enjoy the weekend, relax and have fun together.

This question page will be updated as we receive inquiries from you so if you are confused about anything, feel free to contact us.

Q: Wait does this mean Con-G is back?

A: Con-G only exists as a virtual event.  It will not be running any in person conventions because umm Covid!

Q: How does a Virtual Convention work?

A: Con-G has many social media platforms that will allow us to run events for everyone to enjoy and participate. Most events do not require signing up for anything.

Q: Do I have to pay or sign up?

A: Nope, it is a free online convention. However if you really enjoyed what we did, show us by donating on our site. We will be taking donations in support of the Guelph Food Bank. We will also have some limited merchandise available.

Q: Will the content remain available after the weekend?

A: Yes.

Q: Con-G? What does that even mean?

A: Con-G is both a short form for “Convention Guelph” and a pun on the Japanese word “kanji”. Also our dragon mascot’s name is Kon.

Q: Do you know what any of the Murder Mystery clues are for 2021?

A: Yes! Clue 14 is “Chidi: No one wanting to take down the old website was logged into Youtube, but Mulan was there telling people to downvote Edward.”

Q: What is Con-G about?

A: Con-G was an anime and geek culture convention. We cover a wide range of topics and genres, including amine, science fiction, fantasy, costuming, steampunk, gaming (tabletop, card, and electronic), with a dash of zombies thrown in for good measure.

Q: How many people have attended Con-G in previous years?

A: We grew larger every year and some would say, outgrew Guelph’s convention center space completely.
2009 – 350
2010 – 530
2011 – 705
2012 – 1015
2013 – 1400
2014 – 1800

2021 – ?