Kon is distraught! His favourite hangout spot, the old Con-G website, has been brutally murdered! How is he going to see his friends and keep in touch during lockdown? The Samurai Pizza Cats, our cyber security team, are still working on the digital forensics, but after taking witness testimonies, Detective Kon has determined what happened.

Find clues hidden throughout the digital convention spaces. These could include the website www.con-g.ca or our social media. There are 2 clues that require you to complete special actions.

Once you think you have the right answer, e-mail us at info@con-g.ca with the subject ‘Murder Mystery Solution!’ and include your contact information. People with the right answer before 4:00 on Sunday, February 21 will be entered into a draw for some fantastic prizes!

The wrap-up panel will take place on Sunday, February 21 at 4:00 pm EST. Come check it out if you want to discuss the event, find out where to find clues you missed or learn the right answer. We will also do a live draw for the prizes!

Kon’s Detective Notebook [pdf] – this is a master list of all the places, suspects and weapons.

Clues 7 and 22 require you to complete a task!

Clue 7: Send everyone a positive message for 2021! Tag it with ‘Clue 7’

Clue 22: Send us a video of you doing a dance or Send us a picture re-creating your favourite convention event with things in your home. It could be your action figures or your sketch markers! Tag it with ‘Clue 22’

For these clues, submit your responses on Twitter, Instagram, the ‘con-g-murder-mystery-discussion’ Discord channel or Facebook with a #Clue7 or #Clue22 tag or e-mail us at info@con-g.ca with the subject ‘ Clue 7’ or ‘Clue 22’. Make sure we can DM you back! If your picture or video meets the criteria, we will send you the clue. You can submit these anytime before the event but we will respond to all of them on Saturday, February 20th and before 4:00 on Sunday, February 21. We will respond to you directly on the platform where you submit your response so check your DMs. Please get your clue submissions in before noon on Sunday, February 21 to give us the chance to respond to you and for you to figure out the answer before the Murder Mystery event wraps up!

The wrap-up panel will take place on Sunday, February 21 at 4:00 pm EST

Things to keep in mind:

  • There are 22 clues total.
  • You can assume that everything you are told is true.
  • The most recent location of a character is where they were at the time of the murder.
  • There are not multiple copies of the same murder weapon.
  • The actual location where you find the clue has nothing to do with the game itself. Don’t be confused if you find a clue about tik tok on our facebook page – it’s just a way to get you navigating around our platforms.
Below is a list of rooms, weapons and suspects. Just like in the Clue board game, use a process of elimination to determine what truly happened. 
Con-G Website 
Snapchat filters 
Crazy dreams 
Zoom Call Fatigue 
The word 'unprecedented' 
Inflation in the Price of Turnips 
Destiel memes 
Hoarding Toilet 
Paper Murder Hornets 
Online school 
Bad sourdough bread 
Rita Repulsa 
Cookie Monster 
Edward Cullen 
Sailor Jupiter 
The Mandolorian 
Wonder Woman 
Optimus Prime 
Harley Quinn 
Chidi Anagonye 
Carole Baskin 
Katarina Claes