Find clues hidden throughout the digital convention spaces. These could include the website or our social media. If you are having trouble finding a clue and would rather have one sent to you, all you have to do is send a picture or a video of you doing something creative. It can be a song, a dance, a diorama of your  figurines at Con-G – whatever! Post it on the Discord murder mystery channel and tell us which clue you want to receive in return!

Once you think you have the right answer, DM Cilsheria on Discord with your answer. People with the right answer before 4:00 on Sunday, February 11 will be entered into a draw for prizes!

It’s 2024, and Kon has been attending lots of events! Thankfully no one has been murdered. Phew!! But what’s this? At some point along the way, someone took a piece of Kon’s costume! He can’t enter the masquerade without it! It’s up to you to figure out who took, what it was, and where the crime happened! Use process of elimination to determine who the culprit is, what weapon they used to get it, and where they were at the time.

For additional fun, tell us what Kon is dressing up as!

Kon has gathered the following lists of potential suspects:

The possible suspects are:
Percy Jackson
Kamala Kahn
Rocket Racoon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Indiana Jones

Tools being used were:
Portable Hole
Comically Large Hammer
Magical Girl Transformation Sequence
Magic Scissors
Rubber Chicken with a Pulley in the Middle

And the locations are:
Kon’s Sewing Room
Masquerade Video Shoot
Previous Convention

Assume everyone is telling the truth. Suspects will only have up to one tool and one location. Use deductive skills and problem solving to figure out who stole Kon’s costume!