Con-G:Geeks@Home Rewind to 2022
Only find out about us this year and sad your missed 2022? We got you covered (at least for some of our panels and events). These were recorded live last year.

Fandom Music Video Contest and ShowcaseJoin us to watch some really cool FMV’s (Fandom Music Videos) that have been submitted to our contest and showcase. Turn up the volume!

Super Hero BurnoutSuperhero movies – Too many? Or not enough? Do you crave more heroes or do you crave an original story? Can’t wait for the next big movie or tv cross-over event or are you more excited to do your dishes? Hosted by Ange and Dave, which may cause this panel to go over PG-13

Cosplay with Wigs (Arda Wigs Canada)We go over the basics of wigs: wig types, tools you’ll need, how to store wigs, how to put them on, and basic cutting techniques. Learn how to use heat to curl, straighten, and spike synthetic wigs! All temperatures discussed are in Celsius (C). Please note there are several methods of styling wigs and these are just some of our recommended, beginner-friendly methods. Think your wig is beyond saving? Think again! Learn the secret to reviving even the most terrifying wig disasters, as well as prevention tips to keep your Arda wigs in tip-top condition. We go over some more advanced techniques. Wefts, ventilating, dyeing roots, splicing wigs, dyeing wigs, and using armatures.

The Wild World of Self PublishingBig publishers are terrifying but everyone says you shouldn’t self publish. What happened to indie publishers and is it really so bad to put your work out there yourself? Join Ange and Nikki as they walk you through self publishing and editing. Hosted by Ange and Nikki.

Developing A CosplayCome join us for a casual chat about cosplay! Our panel of different styles of cosplayers will go through each of their own processes when starting out making a new costume. Questions welcome! Hosted by CaptainPira, Kia’Arra, Slothcore Cosplay, Chibi Lenne, Ragz Cosplay, DarttheDenseBoy Cosplay. 

There’s An Indie For ThatReturning to the Con-G virtual space again with another pack of indie video games to talk about, Dan the Video Ninja brings you another ‘There’s An Indie For That’ panel that will discuss some hidden gems of the indie video gaming circuit you may or may not have heard about. Last year we talked about indie game alternatives to big AAA franchises, and it was a hit! This year, we’re going a bit more old school and having a look at some indie alternatives to some older, more beloved titles like Contra, Goldeneye, Gauntlet and even Minesweeper! Get ready to discover a whole new batch of indie games inspired by classic favorites of the medium! For all your favorite video games of the past, there’s an indie for that! Hosted by Dan the Video Ninja.

Good Things to Watch in Lockdown..2….3? OMG
Come for a discussion on great shows, movies and videos that were discovered or re-discovered during lockdown 1. 2 or even 3?!? in 2020, 2021 and now going into 2022. Might be good to have some suggestions of fun stuff to watch, just in case. (This line was written in 2021 for that years panel….g*d I hope not!)

Frantic Fanfiction!Frantic Fanfic! The Fanfic Game! Frankenstein some fics together then read ’em aloud! Hilarious and free to play! Host by one of the creators herself Zeekayart. Play along and read out your story live if you join our Discord. Even if you miss the panel, go play it NOW! 

Now THIS is podcasting!Whether it’s an audio drama or a heated debate with friends about which waifu is best, we’ll cover how to start a podcast including setup, recording, editing, guests, releases and more (with tips that could help YouTubers or Twitch streamers too). Hosted by Nicholas.

Setting up Cosplay PhotoshootsThere is a lot more to think about when getting great cosplay photos than just a great costume. Come learn about posing, composition and setting the scene to make your costume really shine! Hosted by Elemental and Vera a’Lossien.

MasqueradeThe digital stage is set, sit back and enjoy some amazing costumes and great skits. We have some truly fabulous entries this year.

EVA Foam and Foam ClayInterested in EVA Foam crafting but not sure where to start? Do you know a thing or two but interested in picking up some new tips? Making a pattern, transferring pattern to foam, cutting, gluing, heat forming, sanding and dremelling, filling seams, heat sealing, priming, painting, and finishing. Whether you’re hearing about Foam Clay for the first time, or are a seasoned sculptor looking to pick up some new tips, this panel is sure to have something for you! Tools and storage, working time, drying time, flexibility, using heat, sanding, priming, painting and dyeing, ,adhesion, casting, using armatures, and prosthetics. 

Cancelled Video GamesNot all video games in development are released.  Some of them are cancelled during development.  This panel discusses cancelled video games, why they are cancelled, and a look at some of the games that could have been. Hosted by Simcha.

The Basics of Vtubing!Join Toronto’s greatest super villain and evil genius as he talks about the basics of becoming a Virtual YouTuber, or Vtuber! Hosted by Doctor Terawatt.

Why are Neurodivergents Drawn to FandomFascination with fantasy worlds.  Endless trivia knowledge. Intense creativity. These characteristics describe both geeks but also some people with various atypical DSM-IV conditions.  What are the ‘superpowers’ of neurodivergent fans that make them the perfect fit for genre interests, and
how are they portrayed in the media? Hosted by Stephanie and Matt. 

Drawing with LarCome join the amazingly talented web artist Lar DeSouza, as he answers some questions does some rapid fire drawings from suggestions. A great way to spend a little of your Sunday afternoon.

Designing Gaming with Accessibility in MindIn this accessibility post-mortem of the recently released adventure game The Big Con, Tabby will discuss how her background in science communication and education shaped her approach to user experience design. Presentation is prerecorded, with a live question/discussion period after. Hosted by Tabby of Skybound Games.

Kon’s Mystery Hunt –  Let us show you where we hid all the clues on our social media platforms and how you had to use your detective skills over the weekend to uncover who stole Thor’s Pokemon. Hosted by Teri.