Con-G: Geeks@Home

2022 Virtual Masquerade!

Con-G: Geeks@Home is proud to present The 2022 Virtual Masquerade, a masquerade to watch on February 19th, 2022. It was such a blast last year and we saw so many talents and unique skits so we can’t wait to see what people have in store for us this year!

Everyone loves watching a masquerade! (Maybe you’ll love it even more when you do it from the comfort of your home!) Maybe you’ll get new cosplayers interested in participating in future in-person masquerades. We’re doing this virtual masquerade for a little Canadian winter pick me up and to fundraise for a good cause, CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) National.

Are you a newcomer who really wants to show off your costume but you’ve been too nervous to strut your stuff in front of a crowd? We’re here for you! Have you just really wanted to show off your costume but never wanted to wait around in a green room? We’re here for you! Are you a master level costumer who just wants to show your costume off so you can continue on with other projects? We’re here for you! Are you just sick of everything and need something to look forward to, like making a costume? We’re here for you! Do you miss doing choreographed dances with friends on stage? We’re here for you! (as long as you are adhering to proper Covid safety protocols at the time – like masks/distancing/recording through a zoom call).

Masquerade registration is now OPEN and run until February 6th, 2022 at 12:00 am (midnight) EST.  **we will have a cap on entries but will update if we near it, so get your entries in sooner than later to avoid disappointment**

Entry forms can be found HERE

The cost to enter is $5 CAD

An email will be sent with payment information after we receive your entry. This will go towards mailing prizes to the winners and the remainder will be given as a donation to CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) National.

The time limit is 1 minute to allow as many entries as we can.

The Con-G Masquerade will be following the ICG guidelines with a few twists. As such we will have categories for Novice, Journeyman, Artisan, and Young Fan. Click here if you need help figuring out what you are.  **New this year – The Animal Division**

Due to the masquerade being virtual, we will only be judging on performance.  Remember a good performance does not need to be a skit; work your stage and show off all aspects of your costume and hard work. We will not be judging workmanship as it will be extremely hard to accurately judge that in a one minute video.

General Virtual Masquerade Suggestions

  1. Give yourself a good sized area to perform and set the camera so we can see all of the costume and performance.
  2. Have a clean background if you can so we don’t lose you in clutter
  3. We will not be remixing audio – send up the video with the audio version you want. Play it really loud when you perform or add the audio track over your video yourself.
  4. If you’ve never entered a masquerade before check out these links that give great information on making a good masquerade entry.
  5. Adhere to current Covid safety protocols for your region (like masks, distancing, or recording your dance group via a zoom call) – you will not lose marks for being safe!
  6. Be Safe
  7. Have Fun

General Virtual Masquerade Rules

  1. No nudity or inappropriate material or references. Keep your performance to a PG-13 level at maximum.
  2. The Masquerade Directors reserve the right to eliminate anyone from competition at their discretion, so stick to the rules .
  3. Generally, masquerade rules forbid messy substances on stage. You’re in charge of cleaning up your stage and/or costume so that’s up to you (but seriously good skits/performances don’t need it)
  4. Please no open flame or similar effects (fireworks, sparklers, etc.) – we don’t need anyone getting burned showing off their costume. Refer to Suggestion #6.
  5. Absolutely no dangerous actions in your skit (you do control your stage so we can’t stop you from swinging your props however you want but please refer to Suggestion #6.
  6. No inappropriate material in the background (non PG-13 stuff in the background still makes a PG-13 skit inappropriate)
  7. Special effects are allowed but will not affect judging (example; someone throwing paper cut out lightning bolts is equal to someone throwing cgi lightning bolts). We strongly encourage entrants to be creative.
  8. Masquerade is only open to Canadian residents (sorry international folks! Prizes will only be shipped within Canada.)
  9. Now that we’ve included animals – all entries with animals must state no animals were be harmed during the filming of their skits.

If you would like to watch our masquerade from 2021 – please click here