Con-G always has had a ton of great events to participate in all weekend long and this year is no different!  Come out and play, you’re sure to have a great time.

These events will be available all weekend and can be done at any time to fit your schedule.

Find clues hidden throughout our digital convention spaces. These could include the website or our social media! Click HERE for more information.

Con-G:Geeks@Home 2024 BINGO 
Participate in events, have fun, laugh. Hey look you got three spaces already! Get your bingo card HERE and come shout “Bingo!” on the Discord when you get a BINGO!

We all get a lot of exercise at a normal convention with walking around to see everything, and exercise can make you feel better. So to make sure everyone gets some exercise, the Spartan Spider has graciously made us a exercise video you can do from home using stuff in your home. The workout is just over 30 minutes (but don’t feel like you have to do it all at once – take breaks if you need to!) Thank you Coach Spartan Spider.

We’ve had a ton of great panels the past two years, and what great about a virtual convention is that you can go watch them later! So if you missed some of the fun, check out the Rewind 2021, Rewind 2022 or Rewind 2023 and maybe watch some panels you missed that spark your interest.