Con-G always has had a ton of great events to participate in all weekend long and this year is no different!  Come out and play, you’re sure to have a great time.

These events will be available all weekend and can be done at any time to fit your schedule.

Kon’s Mystery Hunt 
Find clues hidden throughout our digital convention spaces. These could include the website or our social media!

Con-G:Geeks@Home 2023 Bingo 
Participate in events, have fun, laugh. Hey look you got three spaces already! Get your bingo card and come shout “Bingo!” on the Discord when you get a BINGO!

Watch here for more great 2023 content coming soon!

Con-G:Geeks@Home Rewind to 2022

Arda Wigs CANADA Online Cosplay Panels
Arda Wigs Canada has a great selection of online cosplay panels to help you with your next project!
Wigs 101 – We go over the basics of wigs: wig types, tools you’ll need, how to store wigs, how to put them on, and basic cutting techniques. 
Wig Heat Styling – Learn how to use heat to curl, straighten, and spike synthetic wigs! All temperatures discussed are in Celsius (C). Please note there are several methods of styling wigs and these are just some of our recommended, beginner-friendly methods.
Wig Rescue – Think your wig is beyond saving? Think again! Learn the secret to reviving even the most terrifying wig disasters, as well as prevention tips to keep your Arda wigs in tip-top condition.
Advanced Styling – We go over some more advanced techniques. Wefts, ventilating, dyeing roots, splicing wigs, dyeing wigs, and using armatures.
Introduction to Foam Clay – Whether you’re hearing about Foam Clay for the first time, or are a seasoned sculptor looking to pick up some new tips, this panel is sure to have something for you! Tools and storage, working time, drying time, flexibility, using heat, sanding, priming, painting and dyeing, ,adhesion, casting, using armatures, and prosthetics.
How To: Make Your Own EVA Foam pattern – No pattern? No problem! In this excerpt from our EVA Foam Techniques online panel, we go over one method of creating a pattern from scratch for your EVA Foam projects.
EVA Foam Techniques – Interested in EVA Foam crafting but not sure where to start? Do you know a thing or two but interested in picking up some new tips? Making a pattern, transferring pattern to foam, cutting, gluing, heat forming, sanding and dremelling, filling seams, heat sealing, priming, painting, and finishing.

Workout with Coach Spartan Spider
We all get a lot of exercise at a normal convention with walking around to see everything, and exercise can make you feel better. So to make sure everyone gets some exercise, the Spartan Spider has graciously made us a exercise video you can do from home using stuff in your home. The workout is just over 30 minutes (but don’t feel like you have to do it all at once – take breaks if you need to!) Thank you Coach Spartan Spider for running this awesome event!

Stretching Out with Coach Spartan Spider
The Spartan Spider has graciously made us a stretching out video to do after our exercise video or just when you need a good stretch out that you can do from your home. The workout is just under 10 minutes. Thank you Coach Spartan Spider for running this awesome event!

Let’s Make a Calming Glitter Bottle
A calming bottle is a cheap alternate to a lava lamp when you just need some time to watch and think. Here’s a list of materials.

Build a Papercraft Kon
Print off, colour and build your own Kon. Change the colours and make your own luck dragon.
You can get the template HERE

Make Your Own Geeky Shirt
Need to geekify your shirts/clothing or just want to learn how to make simple screen prints yourself? Well grab a t-shirt, freezer paper, an iron, exacto knife, pen, your design idea, and either a spray bottle with bleach OR fabric paints. Here’s a list of materials.

Con-G:Geeks@Home Rewind to 2021
Only find out about us this year and sad your missed last year? We got you covered (at least for some of our panels and events). These were recorded live last year.
AMV Showcase – Join us for fun and amusing AMVs that have been submitted to our showcase! Let’s Go Watch
2021 Masquerade – We really appreciate everyone who took the time to record and send us a masquerade entry. There were so many creative and awesome entries and I hope everyone had fun doing it because we certainly enjoyed watching it!
Things I learned in Lockdown – Lockdown taught me some things about myself: 1. I hate people 2. I miss people 3. Changing out of pajamas is for suckers.
Canadian Nostalgia! – Eh y’all… wanna take a ride down a memory lane that smells suspiciously like maple syrup? Come on down to the Canadian Nostalgia Panel, where I’ll be your Willy Wonka-esque guide through the sticky river of Canadian references, medias and other eccentricities.
Thermoplastics and Foam – Foam and Thermo Things!
There’s An Indie *Game* For That (Part 1) – Looking for a new spin on your favourite AAA video game series like Dragon Age or Mortal Kombat? Want to try out an alternative take on big titles like Portal or God Of War that won’t break the bank? Interested in a more bite-sized trip through games inspired by the big series like Starcraft or The Legend Of Zelda? There’s an indie for that! We’ll discuss a bunch of big AAA titles and what kind of indie game alternatives there are out there for them!
Cosplay Make Up – ‘Glamour! Illusion! Disguise! Shapeshifting! Cosplay is a form magic and make-up is a key component to the craft. Join makeup mages Kudrel and Kalymach for a dive into some potent spells to give you the perfect look for any character!’