General Convention Policies

We have set out these policies to ensure we provide a fun and safe environment for all those attending and for any staff involved in our events or from the hotel.Please make sure you read through these policies to ensure you understand them.If you have any further questions, please email or ask the Con-G staff.

General Behaviour:

  • Badges must be worn at all times and must be clearly visible.
  • All attendees are expected to conduct themselves in proper fashion; one person can ruin the fun for everyone.
  • If you aren’t allowed to do it outside the convention, it isn’t allowed at the convention either.
  • Food and Drink- TBA
  • Sitting in the aisles and seating beyond a room’s capacity is not allowed and against fire regulations.
  • Please be respectful to other con attendees; this means please limit discussions in video rooms or other events, please ask for pictures before you take them, and please ask con attendees before you glomp, hug, or invade personal space and remember they have the right to say no to the above mentioned.
  • Disruptive behaviour, such as horseplay or using prop weapons in an inappropriate manor, will not be tolerated at the Delta Guelph Hotel and Con-G. You will be given a warning first, then expulsion from the convention space and loss of membership.
  • Con-G retains the right to expel any person from the convention for any activity that we deem is unsafe or harming to other con attendees or to the hotel.
  • Con-G and the Delta Guelph Hotel is a non-smoking area. Smoking is prohibited.
  • Drugs, theft and vandalism will be not be tolerated, these activities are illegal and will be dealt with as such.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the behaviour of all children in their care. In the event that a child is separated from their guardian, we encourage them to seek out a Con-G staff who will bring them to the convention office.
  • The equipment in the rooms and hallways of Con-G are either the hotels or the Con-G staff, DO NOT TOUCH. If you are caught touching the equipment, it will result in a warning or loss of convention membership/expulsion from the convention.No exceptions.
  • Con-G will have a lost and found located at the convention office, we ask if you find any items to please bring them to the lost and found.
  • Please be aware that media representatives will be present at Con-G and may be taking photographs or filming at any time.

Weapons Policy:

For the safety of all con attendees, the following policy towards such items will be strictly enforced. Costumers are expected to read and comply to it completely. Failure to do so will result in warnings and potentially loss of convention membership.

  • No Live Firearms
  • No Prohibited Weapons (as defined by Canadian Laws – such as nunchucks, shurikens, etc.)
  • No Replica Weapons – live steel or contemporary firearms.
  • Give consideration to the general public and the safety of other con attendees, do not misuse your large prop or weapon.

Failure to comply with the rules will result a warning or a direct expulsion from the convention based on the severity of the offense.

Bottom Line:Don’t be stupid with your props/weapons and just enjoy yourself at the convention.


By attending Con-G, you acknowledge that there are certain risks to participating in such an event, including but not limited to injury and loss, and you will not hold liable any of the guests, panelists, volunteers, staff, organizers, sponsors or their affiliated and parent organizations.  You also accept all responsibility for your actions.

The above does not supersede, limit or indemnify against any responsibility or liability of the participant, be it moral, monetary or legal, that may be imposed by laws, regulations or policies of any reigning body including but not limited to federal, provincial and municipal governments and does not constitute endorsement of any activities by Con-G volunteers, staff, or parent and sponsorship organizations including but not limited to Con-G, or the Holiday Inn Convention Centre.

Violation of any of the above, as well as laws, regulations or policies of any reigning body, or any other policies or conditions of the convention set by the convention, may result in immediate termination of membership; ineligibility to all events; and expulsion from convention premises, without refund.

Policies are subject to change without notice.  Accepting a convention badge of any type indicates full understanding and acceptance of the above terms and conditions.