Welcome to Con-G’s Digital Dealers Room:

Interested in being a dealer at Con-G 2021?

Spots are available only to small, Canadian, convention-friendly businesses that have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. This includes store front stores, online stores, artists and crafters that use conventions as a way to sell their merchandise.


A spot will include the following

  • A banner linked to your website and links to other social media platforms on this page.
  • An album folder on our Facebook Dealer’s Room (you are responsible for adding photos to your album)
  • An opportunity to run content that may increase your website traffic or sell more product/merchandise – see below.

As we are a digital convention and event space is not an issue, feel free to run any tutorials, livestreams, post videos or other digital campaigns during the weekend of Con-G 2021 on your own social media platforms. If you schedule time(s) we will update our schedule and post links throughout our social media platforms to allow attendees to attend your events. Con-G is not responsible for any content that Dealers provide offsite of Con-G’s social media platforms nor will it help run any Dealers Content.

What Do You Need to Provide with Your Application:

  1. A completed Dealers Application
  2. Logo or banner sized to “500 x 250″
  3. Links to website and/or social media platforms
  4. Times of any scheduled events and their corresponding links

Con-G 2021 Dealers Application [.pdf]
Con-G 2021 Dealers Policies [.pdf]

Please email to info@con-g.ca (this is different than previous years – do not use .com)  Table space will only be booked once forms are received.